Friday, 1 August 2014

Fundraising Page

After today's mini challenge we have set up the fundraising page and agreed that the first challenge will take place between 31/08-05/09/2014. The first challenge is a Scuba Dive which both Paul and I will do whilst we are on holiday (in Barbados... We deserve it!!!). We are covering the cost of the Scuba Dive so the charities will get all of your donations!

I am the bigger scaredy cat out of the two of us and the sea has always been a fear of mine, I'm even scared of the rocks in the sea so this really will be quite a big challenge for me but I am determined to  do it! 

We will let people know when the dive is planned and post some pictures afterwards. Then it will be on to the next challenge :-)

So dig deep people, these charities really are doing some amazing work and have been a lifeline to Paul and I throughout our awful experience.

We love you Ophelia, this is all for you!

Sarah & Paul - Ophelia's Mummy and Daddy


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